About TJ’s Tools


For over twenty years, TJ’s Tools LLC has been saving clients time and money by automating, personalizing, and streamlining programs and tasks in MS Office, SQL Server and web based programming. Having worked extensively as architects/designers and as end users of Microsoft Office, we know the needs, frustrations, and expectations of our clients, and so we keep our interfaces as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Simple is key.

In developing software for clients, TJ’s Tools LLC has three major goals:

  1. re-usability of code & modularization
  2. readability of code, because we know someone else may eventually be maintaining the software
  3. ease of use by the end-user.

Additionally, we focus on timeliness, efficiency, and making sure the code is robust enough to handle all known situations.

TJ’s Tools LLC has worked in a wide range of industries for such clients such as Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae, Goldman Sachs, New Yorker Magazine, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Planned Parenthood, and Human Rights First.

What TJ’s Tools can do for your business:

In virtually every office environment, you will come across projects that reoccur at regular intervals, some weekly, some daily, some small and some large.  In most instances our services can reduce the time spent on these tasks, virtually eliminating error and saving you money.

Past examples of client work

Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center:

To over-ride the inherent clumsiness of MS Word’s “protection” feature and “forms” feature, we completely remapped the keyboard so that users working in a specific template were restricted from editing specific regions of a document. This made it possible for the template to act as a “protected” form, but with all the built in functionality of Word still available to the user.

New Yorker Magazine:

TJ’s Tools created a complete sales application for sales reps to enter estimated sales along-side of actual sales, submit the data, create reports for management, and at the end of the week have all sales that converted to “actual” sales, posted back to the spreadsheets.

What to expect

TJ’s Tools finds or creates the best solution to fit your requirements. Whether it be automating a weekly mail merge function, or creating a full-fledged database from scratch, we work hard to ensure the specifications are crystal clear before beginning work. Ensuring that all stakeholders are clear on expectations, and that money is not wasted on miscommunication.

After contacting TJ’s Tools, we will work with you in person (or virtually) to better understand your short-term and long-term needs.  We will present you with a specification proposal outlining project timeline, tasks to be completed, fees and obligations of both parties.

We can work on-site or over the Internet, depending on the project, but email is often the preferred mode of communication because it facilitates clarity and a paper trail for all interested parties.

Tim Jeffryes, President