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Timothy Jeffryes

About Tim Jeffryes, President

A graduate of New York University’s prodigious Tisch School of the Arts, Tim is a professional actor, President of TJ’s Tools, LLC, and programmer with over twenty years of experience working primarily with Microsoft Office, including Excel, Access, Word, as well as the rest of the Office Suite.

When working within an IT infrastructure, Tim is well suited for assessing the needs of a given challenge and for communicating those needs to the appropriate departments. Similarly, Tim has substantial experience working with smaller firms remotely and is able to assess and quantify a client’s needs quickly, while anticipating potential future needs as well.

For example, while at White &Case, LLP, Tim was in charge of this worldwide firm’s massive WordBasic macro set, a macro language built into Word 95. Although his only responsibility was to manage the existing code and write new code when requested, Tim took it upon himself to write extensive documentation for the Help Desk to assist them in tracking problems relating to the macros. This documentation continued to be referenced up to the point that the firm converted to Word 2000.

Tim very much enjoys a challenge, and is happy to conduct heavy research using help files, the MSDN website, newsgroups and picking the brains of his colleagues in order to better serve his client’s need. As a matter of pride, Tim works hard to avoid re-inventing the wheel, and, in most cases, considers it his responsibility to deliver solutions that balance time, cost, and quality as effectively as possible.

Finally, Tim is passionate about Civil Liberties, Sustainability and Environmental Justice, World Peace, Cycling, Tennis, and Theatre.

Primary Technologies:

Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic, WordBasic, HTML, SQL, Oracle SQL, ASP, LiveCode, Javascript.

Primary Skills: 
Programming and MS Office Solution Designer, Project Management, and Project Architecture and Design.

Professional Affiliations 

Professional Office Developers Association, American Civil Liberties Union, The Screen Actors Guild (Member since 1979)

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