TJ’s Tools, LLC. is delighted to offer portfolio examples demonstrating a range of projects from customized pivot tables to detailed and extensive databases. Below, find screenshots highlighting recent work conduced for a variety of clients.

In the dropdown “Portfolio” menu, please find spotlighted examples of custom MS Access Databases and Excel Pivot Table solutions.

Originator MaxOriginatorMax

Mortgage Mentor Excel Application: Client has created a massive Excel workbook for use by mortgage brokers. Client needs occasional expertise in VBA/Excel coding. Services provided: coding that “registers” a new user via an Access database on a web server,  coding that verifies the identity of a user every time the application is opened, and coding that allows end-user to send mortgage alerts to any number of clients and to store a record of emails sent.

Ipsen Main Screen

Ipsen Main ScreenThis is the opening screen of an Excel application. Users navigate to only those areas that are unlocked and input up to 21,000 inputs for a given forecast. The colored bands indicate areas where users can “autofill” by entering a number on the left side, and all cells to the right will automatically populate. This feature can also be optionally turned off.

HLH DB ScreenIHLH DB Screen

Screen showing list of available “Legacy Trees” on the right and the trees owned by the current customer on the left. The box at left shows details on the certificate that accompanies every legacy tree, including who it is dedicated to and an inscription. List boxes to the right show the various contact types the customer falls under and allows the end-user to filter all contacts by various contact types. Also note the custom ribbon items.

Office Holders ScreenOffice Holders Screen

Microsoft Access Legislation Database: This screen shows various office holders in multi-level jurisdictions, lengths of terms and other contact information.